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The Rodney Dangerfield Special

Jackie’s Joke Hunt 002 Jackie sold four jokes to Rodney Dangerfield in the Fall of 1978 and an entire world of fun, stories, myths & laughs endlessly ensued. “The Rodney Dangerfield Special” was the second show Jackie & Ian did, number two of a four-show trial run. They got the job and Jackie’s Joke Hunt ran 402 episodes … … with show names like JJH ... Read More »

The First Joke Hunt

Joke Hunt 01 (2006) A few show notes and it gets better! A guy’s walking along the beach when he trips over a bottle, picks it up, and a genie comes out. The genie says, “Thank you. I’ve been stuck in that bottle for centuries. I’ll tell you what…I’ll give you one wish. Anything you want.” The guy pulls out ... Read More »

Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination

from my pal, the legendary singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb: Grammy snub or flub? Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination for “Famous”:”Do What You Gotta Do” Kanye West’s “Famous” is nominated for Grammys for Best Rap Song …and Best Rap/Sung Performance. More than 35% of “Famous” is rooted in my song “Do What You Gotta Do”. There are twelve writers on “Famous” nominated ... Read More »

Election 2016 Fun

Chris Christie gets married and at the reception Donald Trump dances with the bride. And then they dance to a second song, and a third. By the time the fourth song comes along, Christie’s pissed, so he runs up and kicks his bride between the legs. A riot breaks out and all the invited guests are hauled off to jail. ... Read More »

9p Thu Nov 17 “Shoot Me Nicely” premiere, Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

80 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn NY ..  Q & A w/ dir Elias Plagianos & Linda Hamilton 9pm Thursday, Nov. 17th World Premiere “Shoot Me Nicely” John Behlmann, Linda Hamilton, William Sadler, Jackie Martling … takes a fun and sometimes skewering look at the lives of artists, celebrities and the creative community in New York City. plus a Q & A w/ ... Read More »