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Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination

MSU rock & roll, 1971 - for the web

from my pal, the legendary singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb: Grammy snub or flub? Jimmy Webb denied Grammy Nomination for “Famous”:”Do What You Gotta Do” Kanye West’s “Famous” is nominated for Grammys for Best Rap Song …and Best Rap/Sung Performance. More than 35% of “Famous” is rooted in my song “Do What You Gotta Do”. There are twelve writers on “Famous” nominated ... Read More »

Election 2016 Fun

b - 922-WINE sticker 1982

Chris Christie gets married and at the reception Donald Trump dances with the bride. And then they dance to a second song, and a third. By the time the fourth song comes along, Christie’s pissed, so he runs up and kicks his bride between the legs. A riot breaks out and all the invited guests are hauled off to jail. ... Read More »

9p Thu Nov 17 “Shoot Me Nicely” premiere, Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

Shoot Me Nicely 07-10-16 03b

80 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn NY ..  Q & A w/ dir Elias Plagianos & Linda Hamilton 9pm Thursday, Nov. 17th World Premiere “Shoot Me Nicely” John Behlmann, Linda Hamilton, William Sadler, Jackie Martling … takes a fun and sometimes skewering look at the lives of artists, celebrities and the creative community in New York City. plus a Q & A w/ ... Read More »